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how to Apply Mascara

5 Easy Steps To Apply Mascara

When it comes to your lashes, some people don’t really understand that mascara can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You know what we’re talking about. If done right, your peepers become captivating if done wrong, you just end up in an unattractive, clumpy mess!

Apply Mascara

Avoid the mishap with these five mascara must-dos and you’ll be batting those gorgeous, sexy lashes in no time at all.

Here are some few easy steps.

Prime Your Lashes

 Before you even reach for the mascara, make sure your lashes are in good shape with an eyelash curler. The best curl is one that holds, so make sure you clamp at the base, center and tips of lashes to achieve the best base for your mascara. Some women swear by heated curlers pick whichever one you prefer.

Clean It Up

 Clumps usually happen when you have too much mascara on the brush. Wipe yours on a tissue to remove any excess before swiping it on the lashes. It’s a simple, but often skipped step in many women’s mascara routine.

Do the Wiggle

Starting at your lash base and working your way up, wiggle or zig-zag your brush as you apply the mascara. This prevents clumps by separating your lashes as you pull the brush through them. Starting at the very base also deposits the mascara close to the lash line, which gives the look of denser lashes.

Use a Lash Comb

 Before your mascara dries, place a lash comb at the roots and gently pull up through the lashes. This also helps to separate your lashes and prevents them from sticking together. Make sure the mascara is still fresh if it is dry, it will flake and fall.

Mix it Up

One trick-of-the-trade to really make your eyes pop is to use different mascaras. Try applying lengthening mascara as your first coat, and a thickening one for the second. Make sure you wait until the first one is dry though applying while the first coat is still wet will clump up your lashes.

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