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5 words to Boost Your Spirit

5 Words to Boost Your Spirit

life sometimes is a challenge to us, to test our courage and willingness to change at such a moment, there is no point pretending that nothing has happen or in saying that we are not ready yet. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.

It is the way we handle and accept our challenges that makes all the difference in the world. Do you find yourself in a moment of weakness? Are you scared as to what the future has to offer?
When faced with a challenge, I always find it helpful to find some quiet time for prayer/meditation. Within that space, I find that I can regain my breath and regain a health perspective. It provides me the strength I need to stare my greatest challenges in the eye.

I dare you to find some quiet time today, tomorrow and everyday think deeply about the following five words:

1. Love

When life gets you down, it’s important to get down to the facts. We are usually surrounded by so much more love than we know. Think of all the people in your life that love your soul and want to see you happy. Imagine their love pouring into your heart and expanding it until it’s as expansive as the universe.

Secondly, consider the love you have for others. The love you have for them gives you a deeper sense of purpose and should fill your heart with joy. And finally, give yourself a huge hug. You are loved by God and the universe. Don’t let anyone or any circumstance convince you of anything different.

2. Purpose

You were put on this earth for a  purpose. Your uniqueness can help transform your corner of the world. Give thanks for your purpose, take an inventory of what you need to do to make an impact, and the go for it.
Pay attention to the challenges you are currently facing and look for meaning in them. Could it be that you are being asked to find your true purpose? Sometimes we need to lose everything or most things to transform our lives.

3. Now

All we have is now this very moment. Quit fretting about the future and lamenting the past. One day when you’re old and gray, you’ll wish you had the ability to freeze time and enjoy your health, the beauty of nature, and the wonder of friendship and love. Be here now.

4. Forgive

There are very few things more ugly than resentment and anger. If you can’t forgive, the mind and body become rigid and miserable. Your hatred becomes a cancer that affects every part of your being.
“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins,” reads Matthew 6:14-15.
This is a very powerful verse that we often don’t pay attention to. If you can’t forgive others, it is very likely you will never find peace. Dare yourself to let things go! Free yourself from the baggage  you’ve been carrying with you for far too long.

5. Child

Search deep within your being to find your inner child. Once upon a time,  you were a youngster with dreams and vision. Maybe you believed that anything was possible!
Regain your playfulness and have some fun! Where did we ever get the idea that we have to be so serious and give up the things that make our heart soar!

Final Thoughts

This moment which you can never have back is yours. What will you do with it? will you let your past continue to dictate your thoughts and actions, or will you be open to the new opportunities that surround you.
Open your eyes wide and you will see that love surrounds you you have a definite purpose now you can do great things it’s time to forgive yourself and others and regain the child that lives within your soul. Joy will be yours!


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