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Coronavirus a Natural Outbreak Or Biological Warfare

Coronavirus a Natural Outbreak Or Biological Warfare

Coronavirus disease has been classified by global Health experts as an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The virus is from the Coronaviridae classification and it is single-stranded RNA, with a crown-like shape.

People that have contracted this disease have had a chronic respiratory illness, while those with already underlying Health conditions like hypertension and diabetes develop serious illness. The first outbreak of this disease was in Wuhan, China, owing to the exposure to the wet animal market, the clinical symptoms shown by this disease varies from rhinorrhea, sneezing, sore throat and intestinal instability leading to diarrhoea. 

Coronavirus which made its debut in China has now spread across all the continents in the world. In Europe, Italy has recorded over 700 death daily since the outbreak, while in Spain, the number of deaths recorded has been increasing daily. In Africa, Nigeria has recorded over 40 confirmed cases of the virus with 1 death, South Africa have recorded higher than this, In the Americas, both North and South America, the ravaging effect of the virus have been devastating on both continents.

The World Health Organization has declared the virus as a pandemic which required global attention. 

In a bid to understand the outbreak of the virus, several claims have been made on why the outbreak affects specific age-range? Why is there no cure yet for the virus? Why did the virus emerge in China? And the most important question of whether Coronavirus is a natural outbreak which involves the earth fighting back or is it a lab invented virus? This has been the most germane question on everyone’s mind the world. 

In a speech released online some days ago while Donald Trump, the President of the United States referred to Coronavirus as the “Chinese-Virus” criticism and expositions have trailed President Trump’s statement, many have construed it to be a natural occurrence as a result of the food culture and system in China, some specific group of people in the Chinese nationality have been identified to eat animals and insects like rats, bats, lizard and others, while the carrier of coronavirus has been identified as Bats.

Hence, the Chinese eating culture has been identified as the causal factor in the outbreak of the virus. Also, critics have been able to further identify this Coronavirus as a fulfilment of a long time prediction by Nostradamus. 

It is pertinent to note that Coronavirus have been referred to be a lab invention built to reduce the human population which as claimed was already unsustainable for the ecosystem. The Chinese government had earlier accused the United States as the culprit for the outbreak of the virus, it was further claimed that the United States intention to destabilise the Chinese economy was the motivation behind their action. 

For what it is worth, the pandemic has wrecked a lot of havoc on the global economy and migration policies. Whether it is a natural occurrence or biological warfare, the virus has become a fight for all!. 

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