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Managing Your Career And Relationships

Managing Your Career And Relationships

Numerous women in the world have engaged in what can be described as a redefinition of women’s role in the society, gone are those days when women were seen as full housewives in some parts of the world. However, the advent of the 21st century had witnessed women’s self-awareness and movement for gender equality.

Concepts like feminism emerged as a result of the efforts in ascertaining gender equality in society. However, some results have been achieved by the idea of feminism and gender equality but it has left more questions unanswered in the mind of every woman.

The questions of submissiveness to the husband when in a relationship have become debatable, opting for same bank account or separate account have also become an issue in a relationship, having control in a relationship can be considered another crucial issue in a relationship.

The germane point in a relationship is whether a career woman can manage both her career and her relationship at the same time. Most marriages and relationships have been dissolved due to ideological differences and much concentration on career than the relationship, this occurs on both sides.

Many women want to pursue their dream career,however, they are always confronted with the challenge of how to manage their family/relationship and at the same time focus on their career. Indeed, some women have successfully managed their career and family together, however, it takes an understanding man and a smart woman for this to be possible.

One of the most important point to note for  women who are on the path of pursuing both their career and relationship is to learn how to manage their career effectively well in other not to affect their relationship. This can be achieved in numerous ways, first, always make time for your family, spend enough time your husband, you can as well explain to your employers on the need to arrive home before 3 pm during weekdays in other to take care of your children at home, for the married women.

While for the men, the need to perform daily responsibility through the provision of needs to the family, also, draw a line between his job and family. It is necessary to create vacations and moments with family. The major reason for the whole discussion is to highlight those ways through which a career woman or man can maintain their family or relationship. 

A poor choice can be made in choosing a partner, certain circumstances must be considered before you agree to spend the rest of your life with that person, ensure there is easy communication and you can both maintain a substantial level of open-mindedness.

Chasing after your career does not mean you cannot have a successful relationship or marriage, all you need to do is to understand the thin line between your career and relationship

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