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5 Reasons Why You Keep Your Old Jeans

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Old Jeans

It can be devastating when your favorite pair of jean gets a rip or shrunk in the wash. Buying new jeans is such a pain, especially when you’re emotionally attached to the ones that you already own. Before you go out in search of a new pair, here’s seven easy hacks to fix your jeans and make them wearable again.

5 Reasons Why You Keep Your Old Jeans

Your favorite pair might be salvageable after all

1. Replace a Broken Zipper

You’ll need a seam ripper, a sewing machine, and a new zipper for this quick fix

 2. Fix Gaps at the Waist

 Sewing a strip of elastic at the waist band will cinch your jeans for a perfect fit

3. Take in Your Skinny Jeans

If you’ve lost weight or find your skinnies a little baggy, easily take in your jeans with the help of a sewing machine 

4. Repair Rips at the Inner Thigh

5 Reasons Why You Keep Your Old Jeans

Grab an old pair of thick-weighted pants and your sewing machine to repair this stubborn area

so next time you feel like throw away your old jeans, i want you to stop for a little while and think about it because you can turn your old jeans to a new one.

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