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Lessons We All Learn From Nokia 3310 Phone

Lessons We All Learn From Nokia 3310 Phone

Life is such a complicated issue. No matter how much you try to figure it out, you just end up getting confused. We are in an era where people want to be something other than themselves. Most people underestimate themselves simply because their mates are doing things they are not doing.

What they fail to understand is that no matter how much somebody is doing, you’re doing at least one thing they are not doing. The Nokia 3310 phone is probably one of the most resilient and robust phones to date. No matter how much it falls, you just pick it up, put its parts together and it works again. It indeed has a lot of moral lessons that we can learn from and below we present you with 10 of them. 

You’re Also Valuable 

The Nokia 3310 phone may not have a lot of features but it sure has it’s good side. If nothing at all, one can trust it’s battery power. One full charge can take you days without recharging. It is also durable, no need to worry about the screen cracking when it falls. These are its unique values. In life, no matter how you see yourself, know that you have value that others do not have. Tap into your strengths and show the world what you are capable of doing. No one is useless.

Flashy Isn’t Always Better

When you see the Nokia 3310 and the Samsung S10, I’m sure you’ll go for the S10 because it looks flashy, beautiful and has more features. However, one fall is all it’ll take for the S10 to become an object that you won’t even want to look at. It’s flashy yes, but it cannot compete with the 3310 in the areas of battery power, shock resistance and sheer resilience.

Most people go for glamour, beauty and flashiness but what they forget is that behind all that lies qualities which are equally important. You might find something that looks ordinary and plain but it may have qualities beyond what you think is flashy. Open your eyes and see beyond just the look and you’re sure to find that extra something you probably might have missed. 

Victory Is Falling And Rising 

Smash the 3310 on the ground and you’re sure to pick it up smiling. There is a saying that failure is not falling but falling and not rising. Yes, you can be deemed successful if you fall and rise and move on, that is what the Nokia 3310 does.

It falls, it’s picked up, put together and it’s working once again. No matter how shattered you become after falling, pick yourself up. Once you’re not dead and your body is functioning, you are already a victor and you’re capable of many things. Don’t lose hope. 

You’re Unbreakable

 There are times when people say they’ve been broken and they don’t want to do anything else. Remember this, you’re unbreakable. Once you have this mentality, you’ll always sail through problems without getting stuck. You’ll find a wore out 3310 with its housing broken but still working. Be unbreakable because you indeed are unbreakable 

When All Others Are Down, You’ll Be Up

 There comes a point in time when all else fails. Be the one that can be relied on when all else fails. Be that difference where ever you are. During the period of load shedding in Ghana, many people with smartphones quickly sort solace in the 3310 and others similar to it. This is because they wouldn’t have to worry about the battery. 

You Can’t Do Everything

Be A Boss In What You’re Good At Most people in today’s world have been jacks-of-all-trades but masters of none. You don’t have to do everything to be seen as good. You only have to do a few that you can do and do well to stand out.

The 3310 cannot Whats-app, cannot Facebook, no Instagram etc. What it offers is resilience, strong body, better battery life and a life continues after falling attitude. When it comes to its domain, it is the champion and that is what you must strive to be.

Life Is Better Than Riches 

How many times have we not sat down to brood over our financial situation? We cry and wallow in grief just because we don’t have the money to do the things we feel we should do. What we fail to realize is that having LIFE is much better than riches. Once there is life, there is hope. When you use a 3310 and you battery is running down or the phone falls, you can be 99.9% sure that you’ll pick it in once piece. Even if the housing cracks, you know you can still make and receive calls which is the most important thing.

Everything Has A Limit 

We oftentimes feel we can do everything. No! There’s a limit to everything in this world. You can be a Superman but there is a kryptonite waiting for you. This is the reality of life. Aside its good battery life and durability, the 3310 lacks modern day communication ability. It cannot receive email, it doesn’t run on Android or ios and it doesn’t have a camera. Like previous points, know your strength in life and improve on it and make that something that people will rely on you for. 

Never Underestimate Yourself 

We many at times tell ourselves that we can’t do something? We so much underestimate our abilities and we end up on the losing side. We were made to be achievers and accomplishes yet we rather walk around seeking things which are already inside of us. Do not look at your surroundings, location, situation etc., just know that you are capable of anything and everything. 

Everyone Wins

 One thing we don’t realize is that in life, there is no win and no loss. We all WIN. You buy a car but someone drives you. You get to your location, he makes money to feed his family, win-win. You drive your own car to the fuel station, someone attends to you and serves you.

You get your fuel to drive to wherever you’re going, he/she makes his/her money, win-win. So no matter your situation, once you understand that you also have value, that you add something to someones life, you’re on your way to being a successful person.

At the end of the day, your smartphone will allow you to take pictures, video, IM, send and receive email etc. your 3310 will also give you battery power that when your smartphone is down, you can use to make and receive calls, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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