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Health Crisis Breakdown House Of Representative

Health Crisis Breakdown House Of Representative

Nigerians have started raining criticism on the Federal Republic of Nigeria lower House Chamber (House of Representatives) after news of their luxurious acquisition of cars became revealed earlier today. In the early hours of Thursday, 26th, March 2020, Nigerians have taken their concern over the poor Health system in the country, following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus which has continued to ravaged thousands of lives in the world, some have reiterated the nonchalant and or lackadaisical attitude of the Nigerian politicians to the outbreak of this disease in the country.

The whole circumstances turned out to be more interesting when the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari was tested positive to the virus. The question of which whether he would be treated in Nigeria or flown outside the country became the trivia issue of the week. Many have expressed their concern over the Health ill-facilities present in the country and which such, they have made speculations that the Chief of Staff with other high profile politicians in the country have been flown out to the United Kingdom for treatment since there are less or no standard treatment in the country for any coronavirus victim.

Hence, the question remains, what is the expectation of average Nigerians that have tested positive to the virus without proper equipment for treatments? It has been reported that there are only 500 ventilators available in the whole country, while some are not even functioning well. Further, concern was shown over the fact that there are only 500 ventilators available for over 180 million Nigerians for this deadly coronavirus.

It was amidst all these circumstances and tensed atmosphere that the House Representatives members started receiving some of the 400 Toyota Camry 2020 vehicles according to the decision taken on February 5, 2020, to acquire a nice exotic car for each member of the lower legislative chamber. Even though the cost of acquiring these vehicles has been kept secret, however, an estimation made has revealed that nothing less than #500 billion naira has been used to purchase such exotic cars.

The House of Representative was termed insensitive and wicked to have used such huge fund that could be used for improving the Health facilities in the country for acquiring exotic cars for their benefit. However, as at the period, the decision for the acquisition of the cars was made, the coronavirus had already started its spread in the world, hence, the funds could have been diverted to the Health sector in preparation for what was to come.

While other legislators in some countries that have been affected by coronavirus have been donating their salaries to help fight the deadly virus, the House of Representatives members is busy acquiring exotic cars and earning their fat salaries with no pity for ordinary Nigerians that needs Health resources that could have facilitated their safety and secure their lives.

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