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How To Build a Healthy Relationships

How To Build a Healthy Relationships

It is no gain saying to emphasis the importance of communication in any type of human relationship, however, how and what should be communicated has always been the problem encountered by many individuals.

Questions like, what should we spend our time talking about? Which topic can we discuss that will involve both parties? What type of conversation should be sustained? How do you know what topic to discuss with what person? All these are the questions everyday people have on their mind, especially the ones in a serious friendship or emotional (love) relationship.  

We will be focusing on those in an emotional relationship.

Firstly, being in a relationship requires much of open-mindedness and the need to be aware and conscious of what your partner is doing at certain times. There is a need to spend time discussing issues of daily activities like asking your partner on what time he/she woke up, what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also, you need to discuss your encounter and rare occurrences that took place at your place of work. Following these steps would strengthen your bond of relationship with your partner, it will give your partner a sense of identity and belonging and it would enhance truthfulness and faithfulness in your relationship.

Second, what most people feel it is impossible to discuss with their partner is their financial capability, while many feel insecure to discuss such issues, the benefit of giving your partner an exposition into your financial budget and plan is more productive than doing otherwise.

Your partner can help in curbing your excess financial spending, he/she can as well help in setting some financial goals and giving strategies in achieving these goals. You can start a discussion in such an area, this would give a sense of financial security to your partner.

Besides, another pleasant discussion you can have with your partner is to talk about the places you dream of exploring and or visit. Many people have laid down plans of some countries to visit, discussing this with your partner might be the greatest decision to make in your life.

Your partner might have the same places in the mind and this would enhance the achievement of your dream. While having a conversation about travels and exploration, this would lead to discussing other things like the most beautiful state in the world and others.

Also, you can spark a discussion by talking about individual goals, both short terms and long term. You can discuss your goals with your partner, this would lead to he/she discussing their own goal as well. This growth could be career development or emotional growth. Other discussions that could be started as well can be discussions about political interest and spiritual beliefs. There can be spiritual belief differences between both sides, this is a good way to start a conversation. Be willing to listen to your partner and understand their perspectives.

All these points discussed would enhance the trust and understanding in your relationship, thus, leading to a healthy relationship for all.

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