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Pushing Yourself To Become Success

Pushing Yourself To Become Success

Success is what it means to you, there is no exact definition of success, it is relative, what is success to one person might not be the same to another. What is certain of success in everyone’s definition is that it is a state of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Many desire success but never make a move to achieve it, there is a difference in desiring success and making a move for success. You can desire success and stay at the comfort of your room wishing and hoping you will be successful or success will happen to you at your comfort zone. Some are supposed to build the right network, surround themselves with the right and productive set of people, yet they are seated in their room all day hoping to achieve success.

Many people get frustrated when they are not even near achieving their success, some blame it on the universe, faith, government and spiritual. However, they fail to understand the point that they never make a move or push themselves for success, all they did was to seat and wish for success, if you do the same, then consider yourself as the barrier to your success. There is a need to strive and break limits in your way to seeking success. One of the important features of achieving success in any endeavor in life is resilience. 

There is need to understand the concept of resilience, and this is in tandem with success, in your sojourn to achieving success, to being a pusher and not a docile success wisher, you need to understand the importance of resilience. There are many ups and downs in life, challenges and obstacles in achieving success, you will get pulled down and disappointed, you might encounter lots of failures, however, your ability to pick yourself up and rise to the challenge is what resilience depicts.

There is no success story without its ugly part, what makes people over these ugly parts is the resilience, their ability to try and try over and again.

It is important you serve as your motivation, some situations will make you feel pessimistic about your whole life, plan and goals, and however, you must push forward, make a move and always be determined to try again. You can follow these steps in helping you sail through the ugly times and achieving the success of your desire.

Get a sticky note and write down these four questions

why do you deserve the success you want?

What meaning and value will success bring to your life?

What makes you different from to other people pursuing this same goal?

How will this success affect you?

Once you have been able to ask yourself these questions, you must provide the answers with much enthusiasm, this would give you the positive energy you deserve in achieving the success that you desire. You need to stay positive and attract good energy for yourself. Even if life knocks you down, remember there is an opportunity to rise and push yourself to achieve the success you deserve.

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