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The Lies Every Nigerian Was Told As A Child

The Lies Every Nigerian Was Told As A Child

Nigerian as a country is seen as one of the best country in African which has different cultural beliefs. When it comes to Nigeria, respect is seen as the number one factors between the youths and the elderly people.

As a child, growing up our parents make us believe in so many things that are not truth just because they were trying to protect us from knowing the truth because they were afraid that if we knew it would be very bad and me might end up doing worse things.

During our childhoods they were lots of amazing games, snacks, plenty birthday parties and Christmas clothes. during Christmas period our parents always bought lots of gifts and cloths for us.

I really wish someone would be buying me clothes on a regular like back then when I was a kid. Our parents love to discipline each and every child. Our parents spank to keep us in check. If spanking didn’t work because some of us were too stubborn, they told us stories that scared us straight. Sometimes these stories are made up. Who am I kidding? Most all the stories were made up!

Here are the list of the lies been told to us

 Sticky Gum in Stomachs 

I still remember when your parents told you that if you swallowed gum, it would stick in your stomach and cause problems? Yeah, we were all told that too.

Fruit seeds growing out of your head

 Every child has heard a version of this one. Ever had your parents tell you that if you swallowed a seed, that an orange tree will grow out of your head after a week? Many kids didn’t sleep because we were too worried about becoming a walking and talking orange tree.

Coconut water and dullards

 I’m sure the reason why many of us stayed away from coconut and it’s water was because our parents told us that coconut water makes children dull.

 Ojuju Calabar 

Is know as a masquerade, our parent’s we always say if we mess up Ojuju Calabar will come and get any disobedient child. when we heard about that we were all scared of Ojuju Calabar but have never seen one. Even today!

The fish and drinking water story 

This story was specifically invented for those children who won’t eat their food but will eat the fish on top and drink lots of water.

Don’t worry, we’ll soon leave. would take up to 5 hours more

Go and wear your shoes, I’ll wait for you. They don’t

Eat the beans so you’ll grow tall. but i’m still short

Lend me, I’ll give you back. the money is gone you cant get it back

Those where the few lies i remember when i was a kids. feel free to drop yours in the comment box, maybe you might have other lies which was told to you when you’re a child.

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