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Make Your Life Better Or Bitter

Make Your Life Better Or Bitter

Everybody on this earth has his or her own view of how they see life. Life has given each and every one on this earth two choices. Either to make it better or make it bitter. I just laugh when people deceive themselves that some kind of spiritually force is responsible for they making it big or not making it in life. What are spiritual forces? Have you ever seen a spiritual force before? Your destiny is in your own hands.

It takes your own physical hard-work and psychological hard-work to make your life a better one. I believe that there is nothing like spiritual forces that hinders or boost people’s progress. Your physical hard-work which is your ability to do everything that you find yourself doing with seriousness is one of the things that constitute to your success.

Assuming you are physically hardworking, you get the money as much as you want and you don’t spend it wisely, will you blame yourself or so called “Spiritual forces”? Sounds funny to believe that there is somebody who sees you everywhere you go and destroys every link that has everything to do with your success.

You go round paying so called “prophets” millions of money  just to buy some kind of anointing oil or sachet water in the name of breakthrough. Don’t you think that money that you pay for the anointing oil or sachet water can start a business? Why on earth should you be even be thinking that somebody possess powers that follows you wherever you go and destroys all your success? What else follows you apart from your own mentality?

If your business is not going on well, sit down and check yourself very well. Do calculations and see if the money that you invested in your business evaporated or it was spent. If you are not getting customers to patronize your products, check the product you are selling or the location of your business instead of thinking some kind of spiritual forces are standing in-front of your business and scaring all your customers away.

Start thinking about better solutions for your own problems and not third parties being solutions to your own problems. I have not heard where the Bible said somebody poured anointing oil in-front of his shop and customers started rushing in and out.

There is no place in the Bible that says prophets should pray over 20  sachet of water and sell it for 500 buck . My people, wise up. There is nothing that pays better than hard-work. The churches that you see is somebody’s business so the more you buy, the more he or she also gains. Wise up. Shine your eyes.

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