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Not Too Green

Not Too Green

Episode One

Mr Johnson Blake is a very rich business man, he has a beautiful and supportive wife Annie Blake , three lovely kids a boy and 2 girls , Micheal Blake 23 yrs old, very handsome,tall like his father, every woman’s dream.

Tricia Blake 20 ,very beautiful, not so into the fathers wealth, wants to make her own money, has a boyfriend (Leo 24)and Merit Blake 14 a very sweet little girl, the baby of the house ,always wants to spend time with daddy.

They had everything they wished for, houses, cars, bank accounts with loads of money, Micheal and Tricia were both graduates from a very good college and had good grades also, while Merit was still in high school.

One morning at around 5am Mr Johnson was getting ready to go to work while his wife Annie was still in bed, his phone started ringing the tone woke Annie up

Annie: why ain’t you picking up the phone?

Johnson :well the last time I checked it is my phone and not yours and I decide whether to pick it up or not

Annie: and the last time I checked calling someone this early morning simply means is important and you should pick up so you know what he or she wants

Johnson : look Annie is just 5:22am and you are shouting, you will wake up the kids

Annie:wait a minute, (shocked) you are taking your travelling box?

Johnson : Yea am going on a business trip to abuja

Annie : what!!!! And you just saying it to me?

Johnson : well now you know (still packing)

Annie: (starring at him) and for how long will you be out?

Johnson: 3weeks

Annie: what!!!! Well don’t stress Your head because am coming with you

Johnson: (upset) no you can’t come with me

Annie: and why is that? You the boss right so everyone is going to be cool with it

Johnson : annie you don’t want to piss me off this morning, I have a flight to catch by 7:45 and you distracting me with all this, please stop it ,stay home and look after the kids

Annie : well the kids are adults now they can take care of themselves (packing her clothes)

Johnson : And since when do you start following me on business trips

Annie: well today, cause you’ve been behaving strange and I will find out what or who is trying to ruin my home

Johnson : you just over thinking all this, well you not going anywhere with me and that’s final

He picked up his box, his phone and brought out a huge sum of money from his briefcase

Johnson : merit said her teacher told her to bring some money for textbooks, take some money from here, (giving her the money) and make sure you follow her to the school to be sure of what the teacher was talking about and also give some money to Micheal and Tricia they requested for it yesterday, then keep the rest to yourself, the money is more than enough, but if you need some more let me know I will transfer it to your account

Annie: (angry) well why don’t you give it to them yourself, or you just can’t answer their questions as to where you are going to or when you will be back.

She hissed and went back to bed, Johnson stood there looking at her.

Johnson : (dropped the money on the bed) take care of yourself, I love you

He left.

To be continued.

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