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Not Too Green

Not Too Green Episode Two

At about 7:30am same morning

Merit was sorted at the dining table having her breakfast prepared by the maid

Merit: where is my mom

Maid:she should be in her room

Merit:am running late for school and she is suppose to take me to school, please can you help me check on her

Maid:ok I will, just finish your breakfast

(Annie’s bedroom)

A knock was heard

Annie: who is it

Maid: is the maid madam

Annie:come in

(The maid enters)

Maid: Good morning ma’am


Maid:am sorry to disturb you

ma’am, but merit is ready for school and she requested for you

Annie:(shocked) oh my God that’s true, what’s the time now

Maid: is almost 8am

Annie:oh my God, I forgot, OK go down stairs tell her am coming

The maid left the room and Annie hurriedly rushed down after changing her nighties, she saw merit in the sitting room waiting she was done with her breakfast, Annie quickly went to her

Annie :oh my baby am so sorry, mummy overslept,

Merit: Mom is past my assembly time, and the teachers always punish those who come after it

Annie : (hugging her) no baby no one will punish you am coming to school with you okay

Merit : where is dad

Annie: your daddy travelled

Merit : travelled? When, I saw him last night

Annie:yes sweetie he had an emergency at work and needed to travel

Merit: but he promised to take me out today after school

Annie: common baby let’s start going we can talk about all that in the car, is getting late

(They bought head out)

(Immediately Michael came downstairs and headed straight to the kitchen )

Maid: good morning sir

Michael :morning, how are you?

Maid: am fine sir

Michael :where are my parents

Maid :your mum just took merit to school,

Michael :and my dad?

Maid: I overheard your mom telling merit that he traveled this morning

Michael : okay, what’s for breakfast

Maid :toasted bread and tea sir

Michael :okay, serve me please am hungry

Maid :ok sir

(Immediately his phone rang )

Michael :hey bro, what’s up

Caller: we’ve been waiting for you, have you

Have you forgotten we have a football training dis morning

Michael :oh my goodness I forgot, OK you know what, I will be there in 20minutes

Caller: OK just hurry up

(He hanged up)

Michael : (talking to the Maid)

Just forget about the food am.

Going out now, I will eat when I

Get back

(he went upstairs to change into his) sport wear and went out. To be continued

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