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How i Fall In Love With Classmate

How i Fall In Love With My Classmate

There are various reasons like  If you have feelings for your Classmate, you will never miss a class. Even when you don’t have classes, you will always go out to the campus. Because you will always like to see her/ he , even if you do not want to go.  Will wake you up every morning by phone.

You will be in class every day for the benefit of it. You will have 100% attendance at the class, you will become a familiar face to the teachers. 

Because seeing you every day in the classroom, your glowing appearance will be saved in the teachers’ memory and the misconception of the teachers that you are a responsible student. They do not know what is coming to your class anymore . 

You will also be able to interact with your gossip while sitting in class. You can kill two birds with one stone. Again, if you want to hang out with friends on your campus, you’ll have a chat. So your gossip was timed and shared with friends. Even two birds died in one pile.

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