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Miraculous Love story

Miraculous Love story

Episode One

I am known as the simple simple boy in the area. I was always smiling, misguided, disoriented towards myself, all together in my life, what was not in my head. That’s how my mother used to tell me. Whether I’m growing up or growing up, my mother sometimes doesn’t understand my behavior. 

That’s how much Mama makes me talk. When I go to college, the back bench is allotted to me. Because when one sits in front, one gives a pinch from here, another gives a pinch from there. When I look back, everyone is honest, I do not understand who really pinch. Fella looks at everyone. Then the girls laughed at my condition. So I decided to always sit back. 

The boys in the class then started to sit back, empty the front bench for me so they could do comedy with me. Then I used to go to college every day just to sit in the back seat in college. What did the boys do then? The previous day, they used to put chewing gum on the bench. And I used to sit there without even noticing. 

When sirens told me to stand up for a reading, the chewing gum had a tension from the bottom. Everyone would laugh together at that time. What else can I do? I used to laugh with them. My mom always used to fuck me for this nonsense. Why don’t I protest against them? It would be of no use to me if I am such a fool or not. But there has been a benefit to me. Love has come into my life for this fool. I was in love with this fool because of an angel. My life started to change. Today I will tell that story. “Me and a fairy tale

Never used to bother Am mu. Rather, if someone is reprimanding me and if I am satisfied with the satisfaction of someone, then what is wrong with playing nonsense? But one day mommy gave me a lot of nonsense for my nonsense. So out of the house I was upset. Don’t go home all day. At night, I sat with my hands on the cheek in the ponds of the village. There was a moon in the sky. 

I was watching the pond water in the moonlight. Suddenly a girl’s low voice came to her ears. It seemed that for some reason he was awakened by pain. I got up. Something went ahead and I saw a girl. He has two wings in the back. She leaned down and tried to figure something out with her hands on her legs. It seems that the cut has entered the foot. I asked him: What is wrong with you? ”  I heard that voice, she looked at me. Indistinctly said a word kata ” moonlight fell on her face. I thought there was no one else in the world like this. 

Looking at his face for a while, I said: –  What? Shake your hand, see if I can get it out. “- Well, don’t take it out a bit?” The soft voice said the girl. I sat on the hood and put my girl’s leg on my hammock. Then I put the face on his feet and tried to cut it out. The strange thing was that a sweet smell came out of his foot. 

Normally, the smell of hot vapor is emitted from the human foot, but in this case, the opposite is the case. – “You asked me. – Don’t you even see Dana?” Ohhh, I understand acting in the movie. I too want to act in the movie. Please take me to the cinema, too? ” I was happy to hear about the girl and said: Are you a fairy? Will you take me to your country?

 Yeah, take me, you’ve done me a favor. From today you are close to me. But what are you doing here so far? “
– I have fooled me. I am so stupid. – Why
? Did you fool.” Then I told the fairy all. The fairy smiled and said: Listen to this, since I have become your friend, it is my responsibility to look after you from now on. Nobody can do anything about you, I will do what I tell you today. Okay?

Yeah, okay.” I looked at the fairy face. The smile was still on his lips. Her pearls are falling from the smile. The angel told me: Now you go home. “- Well ….” I nodded my head. Then I walked some distance and came back to the fairy – What happened? “The fairy asked. – Your name is not known.”

My name is Jerin, Maria Jerin. You call me Jerin. How about What is your name? “- My
name is Rana. Jerri, when will I see you again?”
-But without – Why? Karina will surprise you . “said Zarine was a lark brand smile. Oha, what a surprise? I want to know is. Please do not tell . do not tell balabana, do not want to .” Jerry He laughed. Is this a laugh? The moon was ashamed to see the smile on his curved lips. – Can’t you say? ” – I’ll give you a surprise.  – Okay.” – Go home now. See you soon. I came home with orgasm. Once again I played my mother’s fool for being so out. Then Mom let me eat. I fell asleep after eating.

The next day I went to college. As per the rules, I sat in the back seat. The kids in the class laughed at me for a while. After a while sir entered the class. He started the class, just then a girl’s voice was heard outside the class: My Eye Cumming sir ??
-Yes Cumming. One such girl entered the class. The boys all started to “wow wow.” I was startled by the back bench. Sir introduces the girl to everyone: This is Maria Erin, your new friend. “Maria said: Hi friends. Everyone said together Hi.” Sir asked Jerri to sit in the seat. Jerri came and sat next to me. The boys looked all the way back to Jerin. Jerri cut me a pinch and said: How did I give a surprise ?? (Continued ……..)

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