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Not Too Green


Episode 3

(In merit school)

Annie was seen waiting in her car, while Merit went to get her teacher.

Teacher: Good morning ma’am

Annie: Good morning miss folake ,how you doing

Teacher: am good, and how is the family

Annie:everyone is fine,

Teacher: why don’t we go into my office

Annie: no is fine, am in a hurry so let’s just talk here

Teacher: OK ma’am

Annie: so merit said there are some textbooks she has to get, so am here to pay for them

Teacher:yes ma’am, there are some improved textbooks in English, physics, geography and technology. These books were provided by the school so it’s important that our students acquire them.

Annie: OK that’s fine, so how much are we looking at

Teacher:that should be ₦20,000

Annie: Okay

(she reaches to her bag in the car to get the money)

Annie: here is 25,000 you can keep the rest

Teacher: oh thank you so much madam

Annie: is OK, just help me look after merit, if she’s slow in any of the subjects please let me know so we know how to put her through

Teacher: is fine madam I will do my best to always check on her

Annie: sweetie,

Merit: yes mummy

Annie: promise me you will be a good girl in school and that you will make mummy and daddy proud

Merit: yes mummy I promise to make you proud and happy always

Annie: that’s my baby (she gives her a hug) and make sure you listen to what miss folake tells you as long as you know is the right thing okay

Merit: OK mummy I will, miss folake is really nice and has never adviced me wrongly before

Annie: is OK baby, please miss folake you can take her to class now, I love u baby

Merit: I love you too mummy, bye.

Miss folake takes merit to her class, while annie drove away.

At around 11.45am, same day Annie was already at home ,resting in her room when she got a call

Caller: Good day ma’am

Annie:Good day, who am I unto

Caller:my name is oluchi, and I work in your husband’s company

Annie: okay, which of his companies

Caller: Blake block industry

Annie: okay, so what can I do for you miss oluchi

Oluchi: ma your husband hasn’t been to the office today, and we have some investors who are here, boss scheduled a meeting with them today but he hasn’t been to the office, ma I’ve been calling his phone number for a while now and is switched off

Annie: he has two numbers, have you called the other,

Oluchi :yes ma’am, I have done that but is still switched off, I called the other two companies to know anyone can get me through to him, but they said boss told them he was going for a wedding.

Annie: he told them he was going for a wedding (shocked)

Oluchi : yes ma’am, so am calling you to know if there’s any member of the family who can come sign the deal with the investors

Annie was lost in thoughts after what Oluchi told her,

Oluchi: hello, hello, hello, hello madam are you there, hello

Annie: yes, yes, am here, so what do you want me to do

Oluchi : Mr Blake always says that whenever he is not available to handle business that his son or his wife should do it in his absence, that was the instruction he gave

Annie:ok,i will get back to you

Oluchi : please ma’am as soon as possible, the investors are becoming restless

Annie: I said I will get back to you

Oluchi :ok ma’am

(Annie ended the call )

So he traveled for pleasure and he dare lie to me that he was going for work.

She then picked up her phone to call micheal

(Phone rings)

Micheal : hello mummy

Annie: come to my room

Michael : woo am sorry mum am with my friends,

Annie: wait, you not in the house ?

Michael :no mum, my friends called me so I had to rush out

Annie:and you didn’t care to tell me you were going out

Micheal: relax mum, am not lost besides you weren’t at home when I left

Annie: look young man, I don’t care where you are just get yourself home immediately and you have 20 minutes to do that.

(Annie drops the phone in anger)

To be continued

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