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The Curse

The Curse

Episode One

Today, after seven years, I am going to tie that old cottage, I have come to Abigail many times before the wedding, I came to the head of the marriage once a year, and suddenly I got sick.

Amaru Ar Air’s marriage, we love marriage, we are married with the consent of two families.The beginning of our love for that college life can be said from the beginning. About Abi’s Amar Fupato’s brother, Or Ami, his cousin.

Abi used to propose to her every day, I would not take her. But since getting into college, why has Jani Abir started to feel any different. She still smiled sometimes alone when she remembered her madness.What a beautiful time we had for love.
Did he not tie the knot to get married? Our writing is about to end. He went home to his mother, father and he would marry us.

But Abir is still unemployed. Becoming overwhelmed by his agony. Finally we were forced to marry everyone.Today, Abir’s love has not diminished for even a little over seven years. Abir started business after marriage, and she has become a successful businessman in these seven years. Yet we have never seen excuses for busyness.In these seven years, when I went to where I wanted to go, I love Abir very much, after marriage, when I suddenly turned around here.

Does she cry like helpless, sumi sumi shouting and lifts Abir to the whole hospital. After about 3 days when he returned home from the hospital and did not go to the office for a month, all the business has done work at home.Our respect for Abir continues to grow every day. In the seven years of happiness, the only problem is hiding in the minds of both of us. Yet we could not be the mother, father of the child.

I have seen doctors in many places abroad. But no one was caught. Yet why I am still not able to taste the mother. No matter what the suffering of this vacuum cannot be explained, only a woman knows how much it is necessary for a woman to listen to her mother. Abir has no regrets about this. Because he loves us so much.

Today I am going alone to the cottage. Abi’s business trip to Singapore will be here tomorrow morning.Then we will leave here for a while. Thinking the car came out in front of the cottage. Rahim uncle heard the cottage, saw us and took the bag with salute and left it in the house. Here Uncle lives alone. Occasionally Abi’s father. Abir’s father, mother and mother-in-law, used to travel around.

The rest of the time Rahim Chachai is heard and seen. After lunch, I went out for a walk in the garden before dusk. What a beautiful flower blossoms in the garden. Abi gave a call, talking about how he is doing in cottage many times. While leaving the phone, I suddenly felt that someone was pulling at the top of our saree. I see you standing up

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