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Not Too Green

Not Too Green Episode 4

Same afternoon Annie was worried and checking the time ,waiting for Michael, then she picks up her phone to dial her husband’s number but it wasn’t connecting, then she called the maid on her cellphone telling her to come upstairs to her room,

A knock was heard and the Maid entered

Annie: what were you doing

Maid: trying to prepare lunch ma’am

Annie: this is 1:45pm ,once is 2:20 pm I want you to go pick up merit from school, the school closes by 3pm so you have to be there before time

Maid: OK ma’am

Annie opens her purse to bring out some money

Annie: take this and take a taxi, just tidy up the kitchen fast, I will be going out with Michael soon so take the extra key, cause we might be gone before you get back.

Maid: OK ma’am let me go finish up

As the maid was stepping out Micheal came in

Micheal : hello mum, you sounded so urgent on the phone, what’s going on?

Annie: where have you been young man

Michael :i was just in the neighborhood with some of my friends, what’s going on,

Annie: go change into a more decent cloth, maybe a suit or something we going to your fathers office

Michael : I thought dad travelled, what are we going there for

Annie: so because your daddy travelled we can’t go to the company again, or have you forgotten is a family business

Michael :so you just want to go inspect or what

Annie: we going there to seal a deal, if only you could just man up to your responsibilities and run the company like your father has asked a long time ago then I wouldn’t have to work myself out over things like this cause you will be there to represent

Micheal was surprised at the way his mother was talking

Michael : hold on mum, what’s going on, please talk to me

Annie: oluchi called,

Michael :who is oluchi

Annie: your fathers secretary

Micheal: what did she say, is dad OK?

Annie: she said some investors are in the office hoping to seal a contract deal today with your father and now they will leave if no one attends to them
Micheal: but Mr bobby is there why can’t he attend to them he’s daddy’s right hand man and I trust him to do it

Annie: well that’s the problem, your father said that in his absence his son Michael Blake should see to the affairs of the company and whereby you Micheal is not available then I should

Michael :well in that case I will go, you don’t have to go mum, look at you, you look stressed, do not worry I will take care of it

Annie: are you sure you can handle it

Michael : yes mum I can, all you need to do is relax, let me quickly go change I will see you when I get back

Annie: are you sure you don’t need my help

Michael : I can do this,

Annie: alright just hurry up because we are almost out of time

Micheal hurriedly left his mums room to his own room to change his wears.

Annie picked up her phone and dialed her husband’s number again, this time it rang

To be continued

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