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Not Too Green

Not Too Green Episode 5

The phone kept ringing but johnson didn’t pick up, then the number was switched off, Annie decided to call Maxwell who happens to be the best friend to johnson

Annie: hello

Maxwell: hello Annie, how are you doing

Annie: am fine, please I’ve been trying to reach my husband on phone but he’s not been picking up, have you spoken to him today?

Maxwell: no we haven’t, he told me he was going for a meeting in Abuja today, so I haven’t called him today.

Annie: do you have an idea the meeting he went for that he’s going to spend almost three weeks

Maxwell: look Annie I think you should calm down, he will definitely call you when he settles down ,so please don’t over work yourself

Annie: I know your friend went to abuja to see a woman he is there with another woman and you don’t want to tell me, is always how you advice your friend, am sure you are in your home right now with your family yet you supported my own husband to go be with another woman

Annie was really crying and shouting at Maxwell on the phone

Maxwell : Annie please put yourself together, Johnson loves you and will never do such a thing to you, so please relax

Annie: Maxwell I will never forgive you for this I promise

She drops the phone, with so much tears and anger In her eyes.
Tricia walks into the room and saw her mom crying
Annie tried everything possible to hide her tears and feelings from her daughter tricia but she couldn’t she just had to let it all out and told her everything that is happening, tricia tried her best to console her mum

Later that day at around 4:00pm Michael came back home very happy his mum,tricia and merit were all in the sitting room when he came back

Michael :i feel good (he shouted)

Tricia: what’s going on, did you win a jackpot

Micheal: I won more than a jackpot

Annie :so tell me, what happened how did your meeting go

Micheal: excellent mum, we got the contract (he shouted)

Annie :really?

Micheal: yes mum, first thing tomorrow morning the sum of 200 million will be transferred into the company’s account so that we can commence the job

Annie: come here my son(hugging him) you’ve made us proud

They were all happy but deep inside Annie was still worried about the where about of her husband.

Lights out

The next morning at around 9am Tricia was yet to come downstairs for breakfast so Annie sent the Maid to go check on her.

Tricia’s room
A knock was heard, but no one opened the door so the maid opened the door herself
Then she saw Tricia throwing up in the bathroom she tried to help her out but couldn’t then she ran downstairs to call annie
Annie rushed to Tricia’s room immediately

Annie:tricia what’s wrong with you,

Annie helped her out of the bathroom and sat her down on the bed

Annie: Trish what is wrong with you, how long has this been going on?

Tricia : since yesterday, I guess is the food I ate

Annie: but we all ate same food, how come you are the only one vomiting?

Tricia : maybe is food poisoning

Annie: food what

Annie told the Maid to go get her phone

Tricia : mummy am fine, it will pass,

Annie: don’t worry I will call doctor lukas so he can tell us what to do, I don’t want to joke with your health

Tricia : but mum I don’t need any doctor am perfectly OK

The maid comes back with the phone
Annie dials the doctor

Annie : hello doctor Lukas

Doctor : Good day Mrs blake

Annie: Good day, please are you free to contact to my house, tricia isn’t feeling too well

Doctor : OK, I have some patients to attend to right now, but I will be there before 1pm

Annie: OK doctor thank you very much

She drops the phone

To be continued

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