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Not Too Green

Not Too Green Episode 6

At around 11:45am
Annie was in the sitting room reading a magazine when the door bell rang the Maid rushed to open the door, it was doctor lukas

Annie: doctor lukas

Doctor : hello Mrs blake, am sorry I had so many patients to attend to, two of my colleagues travelled for a course so I had to attend to their patients also

Annie: is fine doctor

Doctor : so what exactly is the Problem

Annie : Tricia has been throwing up and I really don’t know what the problem is, she said it could be food poisoning, that’s why I called you to come check on her

Doctor :where is she now?

Annie: she is in her room, let me take you to her.

They both went to trisha room, she was lying on the bed

Annie: hello baby the doctor is here now

Doctor : hello tricia, how are you doing

Tricia : am good doctor, I don’t know why my mom called you am perfectly fine

Annie: no you are not, she was throwing up so much

Doctor : OK I will just do a check up on you that’s all,

The doctor brought out his equipment and did some check ups on her, he asked her some questions

Doctor : OK am done

Annie: so doctor should we be worried

Doctor : is fine, Tricia you can rest now I will write out some drugs so your mum can get it for you

Tricia : thank you doctor

Doctor : Mrs Blake can we talk outside

They both went out to the sitting room

Annie: so doctor should I be worried?

Doctor: Mrs Blake this is more complicated than I thought

Annie: you scaring me, what exactly is wrong with my daughter

Doctor: from the examination I carried out, tricia is pregnant

Annie : preg what, that’s not possible, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend, because if she does I should know about it, she doesn’t hide anything from me

Doctor : I think you should talk to her about it and find out why she kept it away from you, I have to take my leave now please take it easy on her, I would suggest you bring her to the hospital tomorrow for proper checkup

Annie : OK doctor I will thank you very much.

[12:41 AM, 5/2/2020] Ugo: The doctor left, leaving Annie shattered and In pain, she went upstairs to tricias room

Annie: will you explain everything to me right now or you want me to cough it out from you

Tricia: mum I don’t understand what you are saying, what do I have to explain to you

Annie:who got you pregnant

Tricia : pregnant, mum am not pregnant

Annie : do not joke with me

After so much persuasion Tricia opened up to her mum, and accepted that she was pregnant

Annie: we are getting rid of it tomorrow, so get ready

Tricia : no mum, I can’t kill my child ,I will raise my child with the father

Annie: (slapped tricia) you are just 20yrs old you ought to be thinking about how to better your future and not raising a bastard child in my house

Tricia : my child is not a bastard because he has a father

Annie: and who is the father

Tricia : he’s name is Leo alaxender

Annie : and how old is he, what does he do for a living

Tricia :he is 24yrs old we both finished from same school but he isn’t working yet

Annie: so how is he going to take care of you and a baby without a job

Tricia : mum we love each other and we can manage

Annie: no child of mine will bring shame to me so get ready we going to the hospital tomorrow

Annie left the room in anger, immediately she left Tricia picked up her phone to make a call

To be continued

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