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Not Too Green

Not Too Green Episode 7

The next morning around 10,Annie was all dressed up waiting in the sitting room for Tricia to come downstairs when she heard the doorbell rings, she called in the maid to check who was at the door, immediately she opened the door a young man entered ,it was Leo the boyfriend to Tricia

Annie : yes young man who are you?

Leo: Good morning ma’am

Annie: morning, how can we help you?

Leo : my name is Leo Williams

Annie : okay

Leo :Am a friend to Tricia

Immediately Tricia came downstairs

Tricia : oh my goodness, Leo

Annie :Tricia who is this? (looking confused)

Tricia: (stammering) mum he is Leo, my boyfriend and the father of my unborn baby

Annie : oh I see

Annie walked straight to Leo and gave him a slap on his face

Annie : you still had to face to come to my house after what you did?

Leo: am so sorry ma’am, am ready to accept Tricia as my wife, I love her so much and want to be with her

Annie : and how old are you

Leo: am 24yrs old ma

Annie: Tricia is only 20 yrs old and you are 24 both of you are just minors

Michael came downstairs and was confused on what happening

Michael : mom what’s going on here

Annie: (took a deep breath) he is Leo and your sister is pregnant for him

Michael : what was that ( shocked) tricia is that true?

Tricia: yes bro is true and we are ready to get married we 😍 ourselves

Annie : young man why did you come to my house this morning

Leo: (he knelt down) please ma’am tricia called me last night to tell me about it and she said you were going to take her to the hospital for an abortion

Michael : (shocked) abor what, mum is that true

Annie: well yes, why are you shouting at me what other option do I have, your father has been out for almost two weeks now, you want him to come back to such news so he can say am not performing my motherly duties by letting my own daughter get pregnant under my watch.
No I won’t let that happen, we have to go the hospital and do the right thing

Michael : and you think putting Tricia’s life in danger by going for an abortion is the right thing?

Annie : yes it is, what else will you have me do

Leo:( still on his knees) please ma’am I want to take her as my wife

Annie: then why didn’t you just do that instead of getting her pregnant

Leo: am so sorry ma’am please forgive us

Tricia: (kneeling down) please mum just give us your consent please

Annie : even though I give my consent, how would you take care of my daughter and a baby, you think marriage is a joke, it involves alot and I know you aren’t prepared yet

Leo: I have a good job and I know it can take care of me and my family

Annie : this is crazy, you little children don’t understand anything

Michael : mum, please just give them a chance

Annie: and what about your dad, what will he say?

Michael : I believe we can handle dad when he gets back

Annie: oh my goodness, I don’t know what you children want me to do

Tricia : please Mum give us your blessings first den we can worry about dad later

Annie : no we can’t worry about him later because he is the head of this house, and he has to be in this whole thing from the beginning

Michael : but first stand by them, you know once you are with them dad will have no choice but stand by your decision

Johnson : And what decision do I have to stand by

Everyone was shocked to see Mr Johnson walk through the door

To be continued

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