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Not Too Green

Not Too Green Episode 8

Annie:(shocked) you are back?

Johnson : oh yes I am, and it seems no one is happy to see me

Micheal : common dad we are happy to see you (hugging him)

Tricia :welcome daddy

Johnson : thank you, and why are you kneeling down, what’s going on? Who is this young man (referring to Leo)

Tricia :he is my friend

Johnson : sweetheart ( referring to Annie) I expected a hug from you

Annie : a hug you said? Does that explain where you have been all this while, you left your family for almost three weeks without a call, no text nothing, your phones were all switched off, you didn’t care if your family was still alive, and you come back here expecting a kiss a hug and a warm welcome.
No my darling it doesn’t work like that, you have to tell us where you are coming from

Michael : mum, please stop it, you don’t have to talk to dad like that he is still the head of this house and deserves our respect, let’s just listen to him

Annie : Now listen boy, whenever am talking to your father I need you to shut up

Johnson : is fine, please let’s all sit down, I think we need to talk

They all sat down, Johnson noticed that merit wasn’t in the house and instructed the maid to go get her before he tells them everything, the maid went upstairs to get merit who hugged her dad to welcome him.

Johnson : okay, I will like to talk to my family alone so young man (referring to Leo)
If you don’t mind you can wait in the other sitting room

Tricia: Dad, he is family please don’t send him out

Johnson : family? How , because I don’t know him

Tricia : dad he’s my boyfriend

Johnson : He’s your boyfriend

Tricia: yes dad, and there is something else

Michael : Tricia I don’t think this is the right time for this, maybe when dad is done with what he wants to tell us then you can tell your story

Johnson : No wait Micheal I want to know what’s going on, tell me tricia, what’s the story.

Tricia : (knelt down) dad I know you might feel disappointing with what am about to say,

But please find it in your heart to forgive me, you and mum has done everything for me to be comfortable, you sent me to the best schools, you are the best parents anyone can ask for but I’ve paid you back in a wrong way, please forgive me

Johnson : (still confused) Tricia what exactly is the problem, you haven’t said anything yet

Tricia: (crying) dad………………. Am pregnant

Johnson 🙁 shocked) you are what

Leo :(knelt down) yes sir she is pregnant for me, and am so sorry we allowed it get to this, please forgive us, but I love your daughter and I want to get married to her

Johnson 🙁 facing annie) you knew about this all along and you didn’t do anything or tell me what kind of a mother are you

Annie was so angry at the question Johnson asked her ,she couldn’t control her cool anymore she flared up

Annie: oh yes I was expecting that from you, so now you tag me a bad mother, tell me where have you been all this while, you hardly at home, you always going for one business trip or the other, people out there thinks we are the perfect family but what they don’t know is that is not so green, people out there envy me marrying a billionaire but what they don’t know is that is not so green, your children hardly see you, you prefer your mistress out there to your own family, now your daughter is pregnant and you blame it on me

Johnson : (standing up) what did you just say,? That I prefer my mistress out there to my family?
I have try so hard to make everyone in my family comfortable, I work so had to send my children to the best school, I try so hard to be the best husband and father to my family, I have never cheated on you my wife before, I have always been faithful to you because I love you,,because you have always been there so why would I do that to my family

Annie:(crying) so where have you been for the past two weeks plus, tell me where have you been, non of your workers knew about the business you went for, non of your friends knew about it, it simply means you were hiding it.

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