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Approved International Flights Operating in June

Approved International Flights Operating in June

The Chinese government launched its “Five One” policy in March in a bid to curb imported COVID-19 cases, allowing one airline to serve one country, from one Chinese city to one foreign city, with no more than one flight a week.

The “Five One” policy will last till October at least. International Airlines should submit their flight plans to the administration for approval two months in advance. 

Some applications for international flights have been approved for implementation in June.

However, some more overseas airlines are planning to resume international flights to China as blockade measures and travel bans imposed by some countries and regions are gradually coming to an end. United States publicly expressed its dissatisfaction with China’s “Five One” policy this weekend.

Currently most of the approved airlines are Chinese airlines, other Foreign airlines’ routes that are still being applied for have not been announced, and we will share with you after we get more information.

Approved June Flights:


PakistanUrumchi-IslamabadChina Southern Airlines
PhilippinesShanghai-ManilaChina Eastern Airlines
Xiamen-ManilaXiamen Airlines
Guangzhou-ManilaChina Southern Airlines
ThailandGuangzhou-BangkokChina Southern Airlines
Nanjing-BangkokChina Eastern Airlines
KoreaShenyang-SeoulChina Southern Airlines
Xiamen-SeoulXiamen Airlines
Shanghai-SeoulChina Eastern Airlines
CambodiaGuangzhou-Phnom PenhChina Southern Airlines
Xiamen-Phnom PenhXiamen Airlines
Shanghai-Phnom PenhChina Eastern Airlines
LaosGuangzhou-VientianeChina Southern Airlines
Kunming-VientianeChina Eastern Airlines
MalaysiaGuangzhou-Kuala LumpurChina Southern Airlines
Shanghai-Kuala LumpurShanghai Airlines
BangladeshGuangzhou-DhakaChina Southern Airlines
MyanmarKunming-YangonChina Eastern Airlines
Guangzhou-YangonChina Southern Airlines
NepalGuangzhou-KathmanduChina Southern Airlines
JapanShenyang-TokyoChina Southern Airlines
Fuzhou-TokyoXiamen Airlines
Shanghai-TokyoChina Eastern Airlines
Shanghai-TokyoAll Nippon Airways
Dalian-TokyoJapan Airlines
Sri LankaShanghai-ColomboChina Eastern Airlines
IndiaShanghai-DelhiChina Eastern Airlines
SingaporeGuangzhou-SingaporeChina Southern Airlines
Shanghai-SingaporeChina Eastern Airlines
Shanghai-SingaporeSingapore Airlines
Chongqing-SingaporeSilk Air

North America

CanadaShanghai-TorontoChina Eastern Airlines
Guagnzhou-VancouverChina Southern Airlines
Xiamen-VancouverXiamen Airlines
United StatesGuangzhou-Los AngelesChina Southern Airlines
Xiamen-Los AngelesXiamen Airlines
Shanghai- New YorkChina Eastern Airlines


New ZealandShanghai-AucklandChina Eastern Airlines
Guangzhou-AucklandChina Southern Airlines
AustraliaShanghai-SydneyChina Eastern Airlines
Guangzhou-SydneyChina Southern Airlines
Xiamen-SydneyXiamen Airlines


GermanyShanghai-FrankfurtChina Eastern Airlines
FranceShanghai-ParisChina Eastern Airlines
Guangzhou-ParisChina Southern Airlines
United KingdomShanghai-LondonChina Eastern Airlines
Guangzhou-LondonChina Southern Airlines
NetherlandsShanghai-AmsterdamChina Eastern Airlines
Guangzhou-AmsterdamChina Southern Airlines
Xiamen-AmsterdamXiamen Airlines


EgyptChengdu-CairoSichuan Airlines

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